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ShelterBox Australia depends on a group of dedicated volunteer Ambassadors throughout the country to fundraise and promote our disaster relief fundraising efforts. 


Ambassadors are the face of ShelterBox Australia in their communities.

Our Ambassadors are tasked with making contact with Rotary clubs and service clubs, religious, professional, and youth groups, then explaining to them the ShelterBox Solution – thus building awareness of the organisation through their public engagements.

It also means that our volunteers need to learn about the organisation, the contents of the ShelterBoxes and the details of how we operate so that they can represent us fairly and truthfully.

We equip our Ambassadors with materials, videos, training resources, and frequent updates, and they spread the word throughout their communities. 

This opportunity is particularly suited to Rotarians, other service-oriented individuals, and experienced speakers and fundraisers. 

You don't have to be a Rotarian to be a ShelterBox Ambassador. If you are interested in getting involved as a ShelterBox Ambassador, please contact ambassadors@shelterbox.org.au for more information or click to apply: APPLY TO BECOME A AMBASSADOR 

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